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Google strotzt wieder von Ideen

1 Mario

der Newsletter von Google erwähnt unter anderem:

Accessible Web Search
T.V. Raman, a senior research scientist here at Google, is blind, and
he has just led an exciting project for us called Google Accessible
Search. This new service (currently on Google Labs) adds a small twist
to Google web search: in addition to finding the most relevant results
from Google as usual, Accessible Search further prioritizes results
based on the simplicity of their page layouts. When you search from the
Accessible site, you'll get results that are prioritized based on their
usability. This tends to favor pages with few visual distractions, and
pages that are likely to render well with images turned off. Google
Accessible Search is built on Google Co-op's technology, which
emphasizes search results based on specialized interests.

LG von Mario

28.07.2006 12:34

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