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SafariTest: browser checker online

1 jackdaniels

Hi all, sorry for the english message...
I'd just like to suggest this tool on my website:

It allows webdesigner to check how their pages are viewed on a Mac with Safari...

I hope it'll be useful ;)


PS: German translation of the service should be almost correct...

07.11.2005 23:23

2 Jörg

Hallo Antonio,

nice idea :)

unfortunately I've got an error code 404:

Not Found
The requested URL /safaritest/1131439199-full.png was not found on this server.

mfG Jörg

08.11.2005 09:45

3 jackdaniels

Try inserting the URL without #p1, that should work ;)


08.11.2005 09:51

4 Jörg

Now that works fine :) And the png shows even full length of the page!

Now I know, that Safari doesn't accept the buttons changed by css ;) Nevertheless, the safari buttons look quite nice :)

Thank you for this service :)

mfG Jörg

08.11.2005 10:04 | geändert: 08.11.2005 10:06

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