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Berners Lee möchte HTML schrittweise weiterentwickeln

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In seinem Artikel Reinventing HTML fordert Tim Berners Lee, HTML schrittweise weiterzuentwickeln, da die große Masse der Webentwickler bislang nicht auf das xml-konforme XHTML umgestiegen sei

Zitat von Tim Berners Lee
The attempt to get the world to switch to XML, including quotes around attribute values and slashes in empty tags and namespaces all at once didn't work. The large HTML-generating public did not move, largely because the browsers didn't complain. Some large communities did shift and are enjoying the fruits of well-formed systems, but not all. It is important to maintain HTML incrementally, as well as continuing a transition to well-formed world, and developing more power in that world.

via golem: Tim Berners-Lee: HTML neu erfinden

30.10.2006 11:52

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Im SELFHTML aktuell Weblog gibt es hierzu auch bereits einen Artikel von Tim Tepasse:

Bewegung im W3C

30.10.2006 13:27

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