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rewrite funktioniert nicht [2]

11 Jörg Kruse

I assume that it did not work before either. Maybe your browser has loaded the page from its cache so that you believed that it should work.

As I said before, it is not possible to redirect from an https:// address without an ssl certificate for the host (in this case the ip address).

17.07.2023 10:49

12 ammu (Gast)

Thanks. Is there any possibilty that we can redirect https://serverip to 404 page.

26.07.2023 13:58

13 Jörg Kruse

Unfortunately no. When the browser refuses the initialization of a TLS (SSL) connection due to a missing certificate then the webserver does not even receive the HTTP request from the browser. And when there is no HTTP request then the webserver can not send a HTTP response with a HTTP status code, neither a 404 nor a 301 with redirect location.

26.07.2023 14:36

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