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ip im Spam directory

1 Christian


Eine meiner IP's ist als Spamverdächtig indexiert worden. Mein Englisch ist so gut wie nicht vorhanden, wir lernen zuerst die Landessprachen bevor wir an Englisch denken. Könnte mir jemand helfen?

CBL Removal Request

You are requesting the removal of the following IP address: (detected at 2006-04-18 16:00 GMT +/- 30 minutes)

from the CBL.

NEW! We have extensively revised this web page to help you make your delisting permanent.
Please read the following carefully:

It's really important that you do, because you want delisting the IP to be permanent. So do we.

If you do have to contact us, we EXPECT you to have read this, understood as much as possible, and done whatever you can to avoid being relisted.

In almost every situation imaginable, following this information WILL prevent you having problems with the CBL ever again.

The CBL is not accusing you of being a spammer.

The CBL only lists IP addresses that are demonstrably infected by a mass mailing virus, or some sort of spam sending compromise (open proxy, trojan, spambot, insecure AnalogX/wingate etc).

The CBL does not detect or list open mail relays.

the CBL does not list an IP simply because it sends a lot of email, marketing or otherwise.

The CBL is strongly committed to detecting only compromised machines in a ethical, professional and responsible manner, and assisting in whatever way necessary to eradicate these compromises as quickly as possible.

We don't like listing your IP any more than you do, but compromised machines must be fixed.

It is in your best interest to try to identify why this is happening and correct it, otherwise, you'll simply be listed again.

We have a simple remove-it-yourself policy to cause you as little difficulty as possible in sending email: Because we assume you will be fixing the problem.

Our "compromise detection" techniques are extremely accurate, and almost never makes mistakes. Hence, detections must be taken seriously, and you should do whatever you can to understand and fix (or at least avoid) the problem.

Repeated detections/delistings should be taken even more seriously, because:

The CBL will refuse to delist an IP if the problem continues after multiple delistings.

The CBL's users expect us to list compromised machines, and we cannot in good faith continue delisting an IP when it's known to be compromised: no exceptions.

If too many delistings occur, the CBL may insist on waiting several days to confirm that the problem has been fixed before delisting.
Okay then, how can I make sure I won't be listed again?

Virtually every CBL listing that causes legitimate email to be affected has something to do with a mass mailing virus, especially the Netsky, MyDoom/NOVARG, or Bagel/Beagle virus "families".

If you're reading this page, the cause is PROBABLY a virus, no matter how good your anti-virus tools are.

The second most likely reason for a CBL listing affecting legitimate email is an open proxy or spam sending trojan (or "bot").

If this IP address is your personal computer (or was your personal computer at the time of the detection above), you must carefully check your machine for viruses, adware, open proxies and trojans and remove them before requesting removal here. More information on scanning

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you think you already have adequate virus protection, read the above link anyway.

PLEASE NOTE: Most providers discourage mailing directly to the Internet from your personal computer, and provide instructions on how to send your email via their mail servers. See the "is this a dynamic IP?" question below for further information.

If this IP address isn't a personal computer, especially if you're staff of an ISP or IT/IS department trying to deal with mail problems for more than just one user, things become somewhat more complex, and the section below will help you identify what is happening.

Click the links on all of the things that apply:

* Is a firewall (especially an "Network Address Translation" (NAT) firewall)? Click if yes or unsure
* is a mail server? Click if yes
* Is a dynamically allocated IP address? Click if yes
* Are you having problems with something other than email? (ie: IRC) Click if yes
* Is your own provider (especially "mail service provider") blocking you? This usually means you cannot send any email at all. Click if yes
* Did you get blocked when you tried to send email to us? Click if yes

All of the information requested in the following form is optional; it is logged in an attempt to better understand the reasons for CBL listings.

Are you the owner or administrator of the listed host:

If you found a virus on the listed host, which was it:

If you found an open proxy on the listed host, which product was it:

If you have any comments to make about the listing, please enter them here.

WARNING! Comments are not read routinely and will not be responded to. These are for general research to help improve the CBL. If you need to contact the CBL team specifically about this listing then please do so separately by email):

Read this part again before submitting:

The CBL is not a list of open SMTP relays.

The CBL does not list email addresses or domains.

The CBL lists IP addresses of machines which are, or have been, compromised by spam-sending trojans, open proxies, or mass-mailing viruses such as Netsky/MyDoom/Novarg/Bagle/Beagle/Sober or Yaha. Always find and fix the infection before requesting removal. (One removal tool is available here.)

The CBL does not address issues of "opt-in" or "opt-out".

If the listed address is a NAT firewall, any or all of the machines behind it could have cause the listing. In addition to fixing the infection, we strongly suggest blocking SMTP traffic from hosts other than official mailservers.

If you're on a dynamic IP address, then use an appropriate mailserver such as your ISP's. If they're blocking you, then contact them about it not us.

Comments in the removal form will not be answered, even if you included contact info. If you need a response, contact us by email in addition to requesting removal here.

I have read the above explanation.

Bisserl viel, ich weiss . . . :-( Ich brauche auch nicht die ganze Übersetzung, nur den Sinn und wenn möglich die Lösungsansätze . .

En Gruess us dr Schwiz!

22.04.2006 15:32 | geändert: 22.04.2006 15:33

2 Jörg

Hallo Christian,

was ist das für eine IP - werden darüber E-Mails verschickt? Das wäre dann wohl folgender Punkt:

* is a mail server? Click if yes

Möglicherweise wurde über den Server Spam verschickt, z.B. über ein nicht ausreichend gesichertes Kontaktformular, siehe auch dieses Thema:

Spam über Kontaktformulare, Gästebücher - globaler Angriff?

22.04.2006 16:45

3 Christian

Möglicherweise wurde über den Server Spam verschickt
Jepp, wurde. Dummerweise . . . . aber die betroffene Person wurde schon an den Ohren aufgehängt . . . . ;-)

En Gruess us dr Schwiz!

22.04.2006 18:14

4 C)-(iLL@

aber die betroffene Person wurde schon an den Ohren aufgehängt . . . . ;-)
Besser wäre es, das Kontaktformular zu sichern - jedem seine Ohren erwischst Du nämlich nicht :)

22.04.2006 18:28

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